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We don't use anyone else's effects pedal mods, but develop our own effects pedal mods based upon our years of experience as guitarists and electronic design engineers in industry. We develop our mods by a combination of careful analysis of the original schematic in the service notes and our ears! Some of our improvements won't be found on any other companies mods, these are original to us and employ standard "good design practice" from our experience within the electronics design industry.

All our standard effects pedal modifications listed are developed and tested against stock models, using electronic test equipment and a Stone Box audio, true bypass, "Dual Effects Loop Switcher". This ensures that when listening to the mod, each pedal not being used is totally disconnected from the signal path and is not effected by the buffers of the other pedal in the chain, a mistake often seen in other clips on the web. It also allows us to ensure that the mods give true sonic differences and improvements. So send us your pedal and we'll transform it into a boutique quality classic !

The Process and Effects Pedal Mods

The Stone Box audio effects pedal modification service is as follows;


You make a payment, send us your pedal and we mod it and send it back to you, use the CONTACT US page for enquiries.

Our effects pedal modifications use top quality components in order to transform your pedal from stock tone into a fantastic boutique sounding high quality pedal for a fraction of the cost of a boutique pedal.

Stone Box audio Effects Pedal Mods