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Above: "The Ten Shot" - a programmble ten channnel effects loop, true bypass,  stomp box selector.



Below: Selection switch for a Fender Dual Reverb valve amp, incorporating effect status LED indicators.

Custom Projects Information


Some examples of the custom work we  undertake include custom effects pedal loop switching systems, effects pedal re-housing, custom cables, custom power supplies and distribution, custom analog effects pedals, amp switches.


All custom projects are specifically designed with you to meet the needs of you and your guitar rig and use top quality components. 



Process and Prices


Do you need a custom guitar gadget, a requirment for a piece of kit you can't find through standard products, then  get in touch using the CONTACT US page.


We'll get back in touch ASAP to discuss your requirements further, in order for us to prepare a quote for price and timescale. Custom solutions can have a longer delivery time and a variable cost depending on their complexity.

All custom work requires a 50% deposit.