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About Stone Box audio...


Stone Box audio was formed in order to provide a centre of excellence service that specialises in tone creation and control, for guitarists requiring fantastic tone and simple control of their set up.


Stone Box audio's Director...


I began playing the electric guitar in my late teens and have been totally hooked for the last twenty years !  At the time I had started to study electronics at school and wondered if I could use the information I was learning to build some effects pedals similar to those that my friends were using and save some money !  So I bought some books on building effects pedals and prototyped up some simple fuzzes, wahs and boosters and even sold some to friends !


After this I decided to continue studying electronics at college and then at university, where I completed an academic based degree in electronics and then a higher level degree that was electronic product design based within industry.


Since then I have worked as a design engineer, project manager and manager for some multi-national technology companies, where I have worked on products such as precision sensing instrumentation, bio-medical analysis equipment and bio-technology products for assistive technology, as well as continuing my work on plenty of effects pedal and amp customisation  of course !


I am also assisted with product ideas, verification and design by very experienced and serious musicians who are also complete tone junkies.


Best Regards,


Chris, Director, Stone Box audio Ltd.





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